FILHET-ALLARD is a Multinational company with headquarters in Bordeaux and offices in Paris, La Rochelle, Toulouse, Lyon, Geneva, Singapore and Santiago de Chile, with a premium volume exceeding 1.2 billion euros, more than 1.000 employees and with its origins dating back to the late nineteenth century.

MDS Sociedade Mediadora de Seguros was founded in 1984 in response to the need for an efficient management of the insurance program of an important group of companies (Sonae) in Portugal. MDS has diversified and expanded its activities, currently being one of the most attractive group of financial intermediaries in the world. Based in Porto, it is owned by Sonae, the largest private broker in Portugal. MDS centers on customer-focused services with a premium volume exceeding 800 million euros, more than 600 employees and with a dominant presence in Portugal, Brazil, Angola and Mozambique, it demonstrates a long tradition of development in the Latin world, being leaders in the respective countries.

Filhet Allard and MDS are partners-owners of the International Brokerage network Brokerslink, one of the largest independent networks of insurance brokers in the world, present in 100 countries with more than 10.000 professionals managing more than US$ 20 billion in annual premiums, allowing us to be better able to serve our clients.

FILHET ALLARD MDS is the result of the union between FILHET ALLARD Courtages d’Assurances, 6th Insurance Broker in France and MDS INSURANCE & Risk Consultants, the first Brokerage in Portugal. It is the Spanish subsidiary GRUPO FILHET ALLARD-MDS that is specialized in business risks and the social protection of employees.