They are the vital element of our organization. In fact, it is the combination of talent, knowledge and motivation of our teams that allows us to satisfy you every single day.

It is essential that our employees focus on the satisfaction of our clients. This is the reason why we develop, within our company, a suitable team in order to achieve maximum performance.

Filhet-Allard MDS is a human and first and foremost family business. In order to preserve this spirit, we stand next to our employees, promote human management and ensure that everyone finds his/her place within the company and feels comfortable.


Filhet-Allard MDS offers external, protected and specialized networks with personalized access. These are at the same time management, information and reporting tools which allow you at any time to manage and consult your correspondence and the tasks you have entrusted to us, whatever the insurance program.

The external networks of Filhet-Allard MDS are available both to our business clients and our policyholders within the framework of their social coverage. All our external networks operate interactively and continue to develop in order to meet your needs.


Our claims department is one of the keys of FILHET ALLARD MDS. Our goal is to provide our clients with an excellent service quality combined with maximum efficiency and professionalism.

The Production-Subscription area is another key, the management and administration of the program of your insurance services to offer always the most comprehensive portfolio and to advise you both on selecting an insurance plan and on the search of new ways of risk prevention and minimization.