Being aware of the impact of our activities on the environment and society, we are firmly committed to an active and responsible expansion in the implementation of our charter in favor of a sustainable development.

Filhet-Allard MDS acts by taking on 7 main commitments:

ACT with integrity and ensure compliance with applicable laws and regulations.

ENCOURAGE the development of skills, social promotion of its employees, diversity and equal rights while fighting against all forms of discrimination.

ADOPT a permanent program to progressively reduce the environmental impact of its activities and mainly with regard to the carbon footprint as for the transport of its staff.

PROMOTE responsible behavior among the entire staff by raising awareness of sustainable development and by enforcing it with ecological gestures within the company.

GIVE PRIORITY to the resources in the face of responsible procurement and accompany the supply partners in the implementation of sustainable practices.

HELP as a company committed to solidarity and local development programs.

COMMUNICATE in a regular and objective way the environmental and social behavior.